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Dr. Jonathan P. DeShazo is an expert on health information technology, clinical data, and consumer informatics. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Adminstration and serves as Scientific Director of the Biomedical Informatics Core at Virginia Commonwealth University.

How to Make a Dual Axis Tableau Map Showing Hospital Zip and Patient Zip

Use LinkedIn to Find The Best Health Management Program For You


Healthcare executives tend to require more management training than compared to other industries.  84% of hospital CEOs have a Masters degree or higher, and that number appears to be increasing over time.  Many undergrads and recent graduates who are interested in healthcare management…

TABLEAU TUTORIAL: How to Adjust for Case Mix

Even though the bottom hospital has higher unadjusted Radiology charges, the middle hospital has higher CMI  Adjusted Rad Charges

Why Should I Adjust For Case Mix? With all of the data available to us, it is easier than ever to compare hospitals. It is also easier than ever to compare hospitals incorrectly and come to a wrong conclusion. The… – Look up Hospital Out-of-Pocket Costs

look up copayment and out of pocket costs is a simple website that lets users look up the out-of-pocket costs at hospitals for specific diagnoses.  Since I haven’t seen anything else quite like it, I though it was worth a feature here. Out-of-Pocket Costs and Price Transparency…

The Problem with the Problem List


The greatest challenge to medical problem lists is us. What is the problem list? A problem list is a comprehensive list of an individual patient’s problems and other factors the affect the patient’s health.  Good care depends on the provider’s…

Tutorial: MS-DRG Pair or Triplet Comparison Benchmark in Tableau


Hospitals should calculate their MS-DRG pair or triplet percentage and compare to national and state averages, benchmark organizations, and competitors.  This will determine if the documentation and coding should be examined for deficiencies and improved,  or if there is a difference…